us navy reserve need hospital corpsman and medics - Tampa - NC1 LINDA HEID

us navy reserve need hospital corpsman and medics — Tampa

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Nc1 Linda Heid, Navy Reserve Recruiter                                                                                                                               813-376-9159

                                       Positions available for Macdill AFB , Tampa

  Serving part-time in the Navy Reserve allows you to pursue the advantages of civilian life while enjoying the camaraderie, challenges and many benefits of the military. As a Reservist, you will proudly serve your country as you increase your overall opportunities for success.

By joining the Navy Reserve, you have shown your dedication and commitment. In exchange, you will be paid accordingly and rewarded with benefits designed to help you succeed in both your military and civilian life.

Navy Reservists serve as both Enlisted personnel and Officers, depending on their qualifications and interests


Duty, Honor, and Courage
The need to safeguard our country and protect all citizens has perhaps never been greater than it is now. If you have left or are leaving active duty, the Navy Reserve provides an excellent opportunity for you to continue to serve proudly as you pursue the next exciting phase of your life. If you have never served, you can now know the pride that comes from actively ensuring the overall safety of your family, friends, community, and country.

Career Advancement and Success
As a Reservist, your service is part-time, but the training, the leadership, and team-building abilities you acquire are extensive and world-class. If you are a military veteran, you will continue to build upon what you have already achieved.  In fact, if you qualify, you can change ratings, allowing you to gain new skills in a role that supports and accelerates your civilian career. Yet, no matter what Navy Reserve job you hold, having the words “Navy Reserve” on your resume will give you a great advantage. Civilian employers highly value the varied expertise, skills, advanced training, and problem-solving abilities your service provides.

Military Life and Benefits
Ask any veteran and they will tell you that the friendships you forge in the military are one of a kind. There are unique bonds and a sense of camaraderie that truly exist only among those who serve. If you are a military veteran, joining the Navy Reserve allows you to stay connected to everything you like and will miss about the military.  If you have never served, joining allows you to experience the unique culture and many benefits of military life without sacrificing your civilian life. Go to
Benefits for a complete listing of the benefits you’ll receive, including educational benefits and earning points for retirement every time you drill.

Civilian Life and Family
In the Navy Reserve, you get to stay close to home, family, and friends as you serve your country. Every day, life presents exciting opportunities. The Navy Reserve gives you the flexibility to explore them all. Our core service commitment of a minimum of one weekend a month and two weeks a year will enable you to follow your career, family, and interests wherever they lead. In some cases, you can even take advantage of flexible drilling options in order to fulfill your commitment.